Here's a few shots from some recent plumbing jobs.  

A toilet grows up (with a little help from the plumbers...)

Old kindergarden WC is just too small. So it is removed. (We replaced that flange too) A 1" chrome 90 and nipple gives things a little lift. The new stop installed on top.

Here's a little more detail on that riser. New full size bowl and flush valve with new seat. And there you go, it's all growed up! Just like that.


New fire hydrant at Mesa School.

DeWayne and Lorenzo pre-fab the hydrant.

Your humble correspondent at the wrench.

Thrust blocks in place.



Recipe for a cleanout upgrade...

Old fashioned cleanout (Trash can over hole in pipe) Very fancy old-timer practice.

Apply backhoe in liberal quantities.

Add some fittings, tools and glue.

A little bit of plumbing and fitting.

A little digging and scraping.

And it's ready to backfill!


Just one more...

Well, that is another way to overhaul a ZURN wall hydrant (No, I didn't do it...)



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